Thursday, October 10, 2013

Coming Soon!

It's been almost 2 full years since I last blogged. *Lowers head in shame*

But I'm back (for a little while, anyway). I'm now a Senior at Indiana Bible College and as a requirement for a class, I have been asked to complete an online Bible Study in a series of 10 entries. I'm very excited about this assignment because of two things. First-I'm a horrible slacker when it comes to this blog and this will force me to revive it and second-I love studying the Bible. So stay tuned!

My topic (should it be approved by my wise and gracious instructor Chris Henderson) will be Biblical stances on modern, hard-hitting issues.

Possible topic for next entry: Abortion. What does the Bible say about it and how does it apply to us directly.

Can't wait! God bless!

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Topher Henderson said...

Excited to hear you address the topic.