Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salt and Light

With NAYC 2011 on the horizon, I feel that there are some things that need to be revisited, and that is why I am writing this blog.

We are called to be "Salt" and "Light" to this world.

Salt does two important things. 1. It gives flavor. In a bland generation of sameness, we are called to stand out. 2. Salt makes people thirsty. With our words, our actions, our appearance, our lives, we are called to create in this apathetic world a thirst for Jesus Christ who is the living water that they need.

Light is self-explanatory. This world is in darkness. Jesus Christ is the light. We are to reflect His light, to be like Him, in effect pointing them toward Him.

That being said, a week from today, thousands of us will gather together in one city for 3 days of worship, learning and a unified renewal of our purpose on this earth. But, perhaps the most important things we do will take place outside of the arena.

We will be invading their restaurants, hotels, malls and food courts. They will see us walking down the street, driving in our cars, shopping, eating, etc., and they will know who we are. We will have an impact on the city of Columbus, OH and I hope and pray that it will be a positive one. In order for that to happen, there are some things that we need to work together to do.

1. Behave civilly in restaurants. I know we like food and fellowship and we love to combine the two. But we have to remember that there are lots of other people in those restaurants and we don't want them to view us as loud and obnoxious. If a waiter or manager asks you to be quiet, be respectful. Apologize and obey.

2. Don't get angry at a waiter or waitress when your food is wrong, late, or cold when you get it. They are dealing with bigger crowds than they're used to and they're probably in panic mode. Be kind and polite. If there's a problem with your food that you can't just deal with, kindly explain the problem with a smile on your face. They'll appreciate your kindness and be more willing to work with you, and you've just treated them like a human being (which they're not used to) and that will impact them positively. Win-win situation.

3. TIP!!! I don't care if you have 20 different problems with your meal. They still had to serve you, put up with your large, boisterous group as well as all of the other large boisterous groups in the restaurant. They will be working hard and they deserve to be tipped and tipped well. I'm talking at least 15 % if not 18 or 20. And, please, if all you order is a $1 cup of coffee, still leave them a couple dollars. Remember, we are supposed to be different!

4. Do not be loud and obnoxious when returning to your hotel at midnight. There are other guests there besides you need to respect that. They need to think that we are the most respectful and well behaved group of young people they have ever seen.

5. Please take a long, detailed look in the mirror before you leave the hotel. Do you look like a Christian trying to be like the world? Girls, just because you're wearing a skirt doesn't mean you're dressed modestly. Ask yourself "Is this too tight? Too short? Too low?" Sadly enough, this goes not only for the girls but also the guys. Ask yourself what image you are trying to project to the outside world. I know that we all want to be caught up to the current fashions at these meetings, and that's ok, as long as we're not compromising the Biblical principles of holiness and modesty.

NAYC is a wonderful life-changing event. Just make sure that while you're getting your blessing, you're not hindering the salvation of someone else by turning them off to Apostolic Pentecostalism. Be different. And let's all be a blessing while recieving all that God has for us in Columbus, OH at NAYC 2011! Can't wait to see you all there! :D

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