Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The lists of a list maker

I just spent about 20 minutes catching up on my good friend Madison's fashion blog (which is awesome and can be followed at and of course it made me feel like the biggest slacker ever. And also it made me miss her and all my friends from IBC.

If you know me at all, you know that I like to make lists. So for the past 2 weeks (or however long it's been since I've updated) this is what I've done:

1. Played piano for the past two Sundays in church. (That was interesting)
2. Tried to take a walk or bike ride everyday
3. Gotten into a horrible sleep cycle which consists of me staying up until the sky begins to lighten and then sleeping until 12:30 or 1.
4. Shopped. Quite a bit. There are some good deals out there. :)

5. Dishes, dishes and more dishes. The only thing about being experimental in the kitchen is that you often make a horrible mess that you have to clean up later.
6. Experimented in the kitchen. I'm currently trying to perfect my smoothie making skills.
7. Read. I've read 2 great books, plus I'm in the middle of the book of Psalms right now.
8. Gone to "lunch" at 1 am with Melissa who works nights at a nursing home a couple streets over. 
9. Went to the church cookout and watched the fireworks for July 4th. 

10. Listened to Christmas music. (I take the whole "Christmas in July" thing very seriously)

I think that about sums it up.

On to future endeavors:

1. On Saturday, I will be heading out with the youth group to go to Six Flags Great America. I haven't ridden a roller coaster in a long time so I'm very excited. :)
2. On Sunday I'm speaking for the 2nd time at a local nursing home service. (Pray, saints!)
3. I'm currently working on pulling together a "summer concert series" to fulfill my requirements as an intern here at DeKalb UPC. We will have three "performances," one at an assisted living facility, one at Culver's and  one on our youth trip to Minnesota, which brings us to #4...
4. July 29-31, we will be taking a group to Winona Minnesota for some outreach and a service at the local church there.
5. Maria comes back tomorrow and I'm going to try to talk her into taking a day trip to Iowa sometime in the next couple weeks. :)

This month is going to be extremely busy! But I think that August is going to be my favorite month so far this year. This is why:

August 3-5: North American Youth Congress. On top of amazing worship and preaching, I will get to take a roadtrip (which, of course, I love to do!), catch up with my IBC people as well as my Raleigh people and I get to show off all my new outfits. :)

August 8: I'll be heading back to my beautiful Raleigh.

August 9-11: I'm picking Korey up at the airport and we're heading to Virginia Beach to see Heather and have some padre time! :D :D :D

August 12-15: Family vacation to Ocracoke Island! Ocracoke is one of my favorite places in the world. 4 days of family time, sunny beaches, quaint restaurants and hotels, quiet solitary bike rides and no cell phone. :)

August 17: I'll be heading back to Indy early so that I can get started helping Kari and Candra out with MSA stuff for the coming school year.

August 22: School starts back!!! If you haven't guessed, I LOVE IBC!!! I get to see all of my beautiful friends and plunge back into an environment of learning about the Word of God, music, weekend MSA trips and all the awesome fun that goes with it all. 

So there you have it. I have a lot to work on. I should probably get to it. Au revoir, mes amies! xoxo

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