Monday, June 13, 2011

My Busy Weekend

Weekends are so busy around here! Saturday we had prayer and outreach and then a service Saturday night. I sang an old song that Sis. Ballestero used to sing called "I Give You Jesus." Such a great song. It went perfectly with the sermon which was about Jesus and all that He is to us. I love it when songs and sermons go together like that when you don't plan it that way. That's how you know God is in it! 

Sunday, we had several guests at church. We had a great old fashioned Pentecostal service in celebration of Pentecost Sunday. Sunday afternoon, Maria and I went to a nursing home in town and held a service there. I love nursing home ministry. The people are always receptive and sweet and it's a blessing to me to see how much they enjoy the service. Maria played and we sang some great old hymns. A lot of the people knew every word. Then, I spoke for a few minutes about being washed in the blood of the lamb, then moved through and spoke to everyone and prayed for them if they wanted me to (most of them did). Sunday night we had another awesome service, then we went to the Davis's house for a while and had Subway. :) They played a game which I enjoyed more by watching then I would have if I were playing. A couple from the church was there and they have a baby whom I got to hold for a while. It was a good time. :)

Since our weekends are so busy, Maria and I joke that today is our day off. It was a great day, too. I woke up to breakfast cooking in the kitchen. :) I grocery shopped, took a walk and had an overall great day. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. I get to go to Illinois camp on Friday night and then we're having a car wash on Saturday.

Things are going great here but I miss my two homes. (North Carolina and Indy, in case you didn't know). I wish I could have been home for my little brother's graduation. He graduated from high school with honors on Saturday. Never made anything less than a B all through high school. So proud. :)

I can't wait to be back at IBC this coming year. If last year was any indication, this year is going to be an amazing year of learning and growth. God is good. 

I'm sure I'll post later this week about my experiences at camp and so on. Au revoir.

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