Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is me catching my breath

...And I can finally breathe...

Ever since I made it to Illinois yesterday afternoon I've been so busy, but finally I have a chance to sit back and reflect on the past couple of days. 

I know a lot of you are wondering about how it's going here so I'll give you some of my first impressions:

The Davis's are wonderful people. They've been extremely hospitable and kind and I can tell that working with them this summer is going to be rewarding.

I'm staying in an apartment attached to the church that the Davis's formerly inhabited. It's a cute little apartment. I share it with the church's minister of music, Maria, who I can tell is going to be a lot of fun living with. I have my own bathroom and we share a kitchen which is quite nice. I plan to cook lots of yummy food in it. My room is completely unpacked and set up, which will allow me to sleep easier tonight. That and the fact that I'm reeeeeaaaalllyyyyy tired. :)

DeKalb is a charming little town. The church is in the residential area. There are sidewalks down every street and lots of trees and flower gardens which make for a lovely afternoon stroll. Not too far from the church there are lots of places to shop and eat. They pretty much have everything, which pleasantly surprises me. 

The church is small but there is a spirit of Revival at work. The services today were great. I sang a special tonight which went well, I think, despite my nervousness. The people are friendly and kind. There are several young people my age. Most of them are married and there is an abundance of babies and young children. I mean, there's a ton. It makes me happy.

Well, there are some of my first impressions. I'm sure I will update you all again once I experience more of this lovely town.

And, now, I will go to bed. And probably sleep for days. Goodnight, World.

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